Saturday, June 25, 2011

My photostream on Flickr

Reaching for the skyBits and PiecesThe upstairs window.As I lay dyingBusy feet.The Doors.
Growth.Building blocks.Calculations.Reordered.Labour. Child?The lonesome builders.
The workers' pedestal.Bricked.The teeth.Conjoined twins.Bridge over troubled waters.A dizzy frenzy.
Welcome.Illuminated water pipe.The joints.The dark corridor.The narrow staircase.Workers.
Well, finally I have taken the bold step forward to capture and upload some photographs I have taken. Hopefully this love affair will continue for some time to come.

My inspirations have undoubtedly been Iliangna Haralu, Faizan Patel, and Supreet J Bargi. Only after seeing their amazing works did I consider putting out my photographs for everyone to see. Hopefully it's to most peoples liking.

Do spread the word.


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