Friday, September 2, 2016

Working in Office

Image courtesy: PEXELS

For some reason, I love working in office. Hold on. Let me clarify. What I mean is I love working in office compared to working from home. It's just completely depressing sitting alone at home, droning on and on.

Although we don't really need help from anyone else on the floor in office, it always feels nice to have people around. Sure, there are days when sitting in office seems like a real pain but I think mixing work and home lives are a complete no no!

I used to hate switching on my office laptop at home. I have had to work from home for a couple of days as I was unwell. That reminds me. Maybe it's time to buy a MacBook Pro for myself so that I don't have to open my office laptop at home for personal use! Sigh! The things we tell ourselves to convince us to buy some product!

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