Saturday, February 21, 2015

Biryani from A1 Biryani

So there's this tiny place here in Hinjewadi, Pune called A1 Biryani. It's definitely not a place where you'd take someone on a date but it's definitely a place where you can ask your date to wait in the car while you go pick up some of the tastiest biryani in Hinjewadi!

An extremely modest looking place, A1 Biryani has been around for a while. It's been feeding IT folks day in and day out. It's absolute value for money. Half a plate of biryani costs between 130-140 bucks and two people can definitely share that 'half plate' although me being a glutton, I can polish it all off in one sitting! 

Do check out this place. The service is super quick too, which makes it an ideal pick up and go place. 

It's located opposite the KPIT Cummins office in Hinjewadi. Let me know if you like it or hate it!

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