Friday, April 1, 2011

Whining and Fine Dining

An opinion piece I had written for my class blog:

It’s never been my ‘thing’ to sit around in a circle talking about morose aspects of life. The fact that Manipal has become a somewhat dark place and the exponential decay that has infiltrated the ranks of the students’ minds is one aspect which needs to be looked at more closely. The problem probably stems from the fact that school kids have been thrown into an environment which promotes most of the so-called ‘wrong’ things in life. Blasphemy would probably be too strong of a word to use here but one probably gets the point. Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not for one second talking about smoking, drinking or the experimentation with soft psychotropic ‘goodies’. I would be an absolute hypocrite if I were to talk about such things as I myself have been through the experimental stage of my life.

It’s quite a wakeup call for a person when he/she has to travel to the darkness that exists in the world of ‘goodies’, for want of a better word. The only problem I truly have with this place is the two-faced-ness (yes, I know there’s no such word so don’t grill me on that) of the people around. Friends when in front of you, and absolute chauvinistic buffoons behind your back.

Getting back to the point about the ‘kids’ here in Manipal, one could probably say that, ‘oh but they’re just kids. This is how they learn etc.’ and all those other ready-made answers. Its time for these ‘kids’ to wake up and take stock of reality. Its time for them to think about their families. Its time to think about the countless hours the parents have spent in raising their kids to have a cushy life. Yes, each and every one of us here in ‘elite’ Manipal have cushy lives, and one needs to accept that. In my honest opinion, I feel its absolutely fine for someone to come here and do their Masters but when it comes to Under-graduation, I’m not too sure really. Fresh out of school with pretty ‘soft brains’ which need to be moulded, this place isn’t quite the right place, but hey, that’s just MY opinion.

Being in a media college, one expects a lot of head-strong people. Everyone thinks they’re better than the rest, come on, accept that for a change! I’m sitting here with a cigarette in my hand wondering whether there is actually any point of me even writing this. But the tobacco definitely calms me down. Everyone needs their fix, and this is mine. At least this is better than sitting over dinner gossiping ones heart out; talking about things which they have no clue about. Those people need to look at their own lives and assess where they are instead of pointing out everybody else’s flaws. 'Karma' will come back to bite those people who use others monetarily or emotionally, it will come back to bite those who malign other peoples’ lives and the like.

Whining and fine dining is what certain sections of people love doing and they have every right to as long as they don’t intrude into other people (read: my) spaces. This article has undoubtedly zig-zagged its way through several different issues and that is just my kind of writing. Random thought processes mushroom (more magical than the magic ones) into something bigger. Know that I said BIGGER and not BETTER. Heh! I am also not the kinds to re-read whatever I have written so excuse my brevity.



    and i prolly need 10shots of tequila right now !

  2. Thank you :-) Why the tequila though?