Saturday, February 21, 2015

Traditional books versus ebooks

This topic really gets people into a tizzy. There are those who swear by the feel of actual paper books. They despise the thought of people reading on their Kobo's or Kindle's. 

I get that - I really do. However, it's also about convenience. I can get the same information, the same material in such a handy manner. I don't need to lug around a pile of books for a trip. I can pile those books up in my Kobo ebook reader!

Then there are those who say that reading on something other than paper will cause strain to the eyes. They obviously haven't checked out the ebook readers, which have e-ink displays on them. These displays mimic what words on paper looks like. There's absolutely no strain whatsoever because there's no backlit display. 

If you can't read a book in the dark, you can't read an ebook in the dark either due to the lack of a backlit display. There are some like the Kindle Paperwhite which have frontlit displays and that could be an option for many who want to be able to read in the dark. 

I am extremely pleased with my Kobo and feel it was an absolutely brilliant purchase decision. 

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